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Beyond Just Sticks and Bricks

Beyond Just Sticks and Bricks

Beyond just sticks and bricks. Unlike most improvement programs, House Studs is a premiere radio show dedicated to homeowners and potential buyers like you and me.

House Studs with Dale & Guests goes beyond just sticks and bricks and delves into issues that are important to you around your home. Each week, House Studs offers expert opinions and strategies for tackling any kind of issue around the home.The House Studs dream all began in the early 2000s when Host, Dale Johnson, had a vision to help other homeowners with DIY projects, finance and much more! From starting on one local station in Huntsville to now being heard across the entire Southeast on several stations, House Studs with Dale & Guest is your one stop shop for all things homeowners, business and laughter!

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House Studs is custom-made for our listeners every week. We want to know what your questions are and what projects you want us to tackle on the air. Tell us your biggest accomplishments or unfortunate mishaps in home improvement.

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