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I love your show. It’s so informative and helpful. Thanks for the great work!

Chelsea, Alabama
Gabe W.

Y’all give great advice. I was able to remove a stain in my couch with KETCHUP!

Birmingham, AL
Mary S.

Great show! My husband and I tune in every week.

Spring Hill, TN
Dana H.

My grandson sent me your link and I haven’t looked back.

Douglasville, GA
Alice J.

I thought the whole show was really well organized and the hosts were very welcoming. I would be open to coming on the show again in the future. Thanks guys.

Atlanta, GA
The Ugly Duckling House

House Studs is a great show. It's funny, informative and just plain enjoyable to listen to. As a guest on the show, Dale treated me like a welcomed member of the family and I can honestly say I had a blast both times I was asked. 

New York City, NY
ACK Organizing

Just love letting people know what all we can do. I love coming on the House Studs Radio Show!

Birmingham, AL
Alabama Soda Blasting

I really enjoy listening to the show each week. You guys are funny and provide interesting tips. 

Chattanooga, TN
Jackie L.