Increase Your Home’s Value Today
Increase Your Home’s Value Today

Is digging up the backyard to put in a pool worth it? Or maybe you should update those old looking kitchen countertops, learn how to increase your home’s value.

Do #1: Upgrade Your Kitchen

Experts have stated that a kitchen renovation should be at the top of your list when attempting to increase the value of your home. The kitchen is essentially “the heart” of your home and where a lot of families spend most of their time; therefore, the kitchen should be a top priority. The big question is where does one begin?

Simply upgrading your appliances to stainless steel and installing granite countertops adds more value to your home. The simpler, the better. Simple details make a huge difference. Installing shiny knobs on cabinets and adding a sparkling new faucet are great additions. A big renovation to the kitchen can be tearing down the full or half wall to connect the kitchen to the den or living room area(s). That way, your kitchen appears more spacious and open.

Do #2: Revamp Your Bathroom

An old, cracked, dirty or broken down toilet is a huge turn off to a potential buyer. Installing a glamourous vanity, proper lighting, and long windows are great value boosters! Other simple fixers include inputting a tub and/or adding a ‘his’ and ‘her’ wash bowls. To learn more about remodeling your bathroom, visit our previous blog here.

Do #3: Go Greener

In the last five years, “Going Green” has become a huge demand, and the housing market is no different. When homeowners make their home more energy efficient, the value of their home (without a doubt) will increase. Going Green does not require a huge, costly device or remodeling. Simply adding storm doors or a ceiling fan to each room can improve the environment. To learn more about Going Green, visit