DIY - Summer Home Improvement Chores Made Easy For You!
DIY - Summer Home Improvement Chores Made Easy For You!

For many, summer’s arrival signals the end of school, summer Fridays at the office, and, of course, a chance to kick back at the beach.

Learn Ve$t, gives you a financial plan, a real person to talk to, and tools to make better financial decisions. Home renovations, task and chores aren't always easy, but Learn Ve$t has given us great tips to make those summer "to-do's" a little better. Here are the top three summer chores easy for anyone to conquer: 

Summer Project #1: Pool Cleaning
All you have to do is take a sample of pool water to the supply store in a sanitized container. Once you tell the clerk your pool’s dimensions, they can calculate the proper ratio for agents like chlorine and cyanuric acid, and provide detailed instructions on how—and when—to add them to your pool.

Summer Project #2: Landscaping
If gardening is one of the top landscaping projects on your list this summer, Lipford recommends first researching your location on the USDA’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map to ensure you’re working with the right plants for your region of the country, climate and sun exposure.

Summer Project #3: Pest Control
Regardless of the pest control you’re soliciting, he recommends seeking out a seasonal contract, as opposed to a one-time treatment. Good pest control companies providing longer-term services will monitor their work and re-treat as necessary.

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