Holiday Home Improvement Tips
Holiday Home Improvement Tips

It’s never too early to begin holiday shopping! Check out these “must have” home improvement gadgets to get your House Stud!   

Prop Power Pro
A home-improvement enthusiast's favorite gadget is one that makes life truly simpler. This awesome extension cord has a simple “twist”—a semirigid covering at the end that lets you wrap it around nearby structures so that its two grounded outlets stay put. It’s especially handy when you’re working on a ladder. Available at; $25.

Digital Sliding T-Bevel
This nifty gadget can get into tight spaces or wrap around cut pieces of wood to tell you the exact angle. Then it remembers that angle so you can take it back to your shop and make the right cut. Its memory stores multiple readings, and the tool can also tell you the reverse angle when you’re joining two pieces of wood together. Available on Amazon; $34.99.

Belkin WeMo Switch
These days, even the humble wall outlet is getting a high-tech boost. Just witness this smart outlet from Belkin: Once it's been plugged into a standard outlet and connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, you can control it from your smartphone—whether you're home or away—turning things on and off with a few simple taps. Available on Amazon; $49.99.

LED Lenser F1R Flashlight
Every homeowner needs a good flashlight, and this one is truly the mother of them all. Don't judge its power by its small size: This baby throws off a whopping 1,000 lumens, making it more light saber than flashlight. It’s also waterproof, weighs just 4.2 ounces, and can last three hours on its rechargeable lithium-ion battery

Smart Lock
Keyless Entry For Your Home. Lock and unlock your door with your phone while giving keyless access to family and guests. Easily attaches to the existing deadbolt so you can also use your regular keys.

House Studs tips for the Weekend · 

Reverse ceiling fans.
When the weather starts to get chilly, you'll want to give your heater a nice break. Simply turning the direction of your ceiling fan clockwise during the colder months will pull the cool air up and push the warm air out.

Protect plumbing.
To avoid a broken pipe, you want to be sure exterior pipes and water lines are properly insulated to protect against possible freezes and leaks. Clean your lines to help remove clogs that cause backups, and wrap them in insulation designed for plumping. Before it gets too cold, detach outdoor hoses, drain any standing water and store them inside. You also should drain outdoor faucets and close the interior shut-off valves to the hose bibs to help prevent frozen pipes.

Examine the roof.
Inspect the roof for any signs of water damage, or missing or damaged shingles before the cold, wet weather hits. Shingles that are cracked, loose and missing granules need to be replaced by a qualified roofer.