Do It Yourself!
Do It Yourself!

Tired of spending all your hard earned money on installers, technicians, and “experts”? Do It Yourself! Follow these easy Do It Yourself techniques and save your wallet money at the same time!

Clean Dryer Ducts

Does your dryer not dry your articles as quickly as before? It’s time to clean those dryer ducts from months, maybe years of lint! A continuous buildup can affect the efficiency of your dryer and increase the chances of fire.

Here’s how to clean your dryer ducts:

1) Unplug your dryer

2) Disconnect the duct

3) Vacuum out the ducts from lint and other particles

4) You’re done!

Power Wash Pathways

Walkways and driveways become stained through the years. These stains become apparent as pathways are stained by car leaks, damp leaves and rust. Get rid of these stains by power washing your pathways! Power wash systems can be found at your local home improvement store.

Here are a few examples of afforable power washers:

Lowe's Electric Power Washer

Home Depot's Gas Power Washer

Sears's Electric Power Washer