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Focus on the following financial tips for homebuyers before deciding on a dream home:

The key to successful remodeling is lasting value. Follow these tips and you are set for a valuable home…

Here are tips to prevent first-time home buyers from making rookie mistakes...

Wouldn’t it be great if your heater can vary the warmth in your house depending on whether or not you’re at home? It can do just that … 

Many homeowners have a long wish list of projects to improve their home. These projects include kitchen renovations, adding a deck, light fixtures; or maybe installing a heating system. Here's how you can finance your next home improvement project.

Is digging up the backyard to put in a pool worth it? Or maybe you should update those old looking kitchen countertops, learn how to increase your home’s value.

Save money this holiday season-- and green-up your holiday decor-- with this special offer from Home Depot.

There’s an old adage that warns against sending, “money down the drain.”  House Studs wants to help you from sending money out leaky cracks in your home!