Tiny Pests and Big Allergy Problems

Got tissues? Got a runny nose and watery eyes? Then you’ve got allergies. And your basement or crawlspace is the culprit.

Whether its pollen, grass, pets or just something in the air, we all hate to have irritated eyes, a runny nose and the sinus pressure that comes along with it.  Allergies make you tired, irritable and miserable to be around.  The number one cause of allergies isn’t pet hair or dander, and it’s not pollen. Let’s just say it’s a much “tinier” problem.

Dust mites are the number 1 indoor allergen. People with allergies or asthma are affected by the microscopic droppings that these tiny pests leave all around your home.  Dust mites are found in furniture, bedding, carpet and draperies.  Their droppings,are so small that they can become airborne and then irritate your lungs when they’re breathed in.  

Dust mites need relative humidity of 50% or more to live in your home…and they’re probably getting that humidity from your wet basement or crawlspace!  Dust mites don’t drink water; they absorb it out of the air. If you can dry the air around your home, you can kill off the dust mites.  

So, if allergies plague you or your family, its time to investigate moisture problems in your basement or crawlspace.

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