What's New in Home Improvement 2017

Good House Keeping brings us the latest on Home Improvement. Check out their suggestions on new home improvement trends.

Era of the 4K TV
If you thought you could see newscaster's pores before, just wait until you get your hands on a 4K TV which has — you guessed it — has four times the resolution as a high-def TV. Thanks to hefty price tags, they haven't been popular, but this year, those prices are dropping (we've seen them on sale for $379). Plus, more content providers are making their shows and movies available in 4K. So, if you happen to be on the market for a new TV, Rothman says the 4K is the way to go.

Smart plugs will give your home a Jetsons vibe
Say you want to turn your lamps on so that the house is bright before you get home. Or you're in bed when you realize your teen left the TV on downstairs…again. You can control smart plugs like iDevices from an app on your phone, so you never have to walk over and turn a switch. The Brio Safe Outlet will only deliver electrical current if it senses a plug — not a tiny finger. And Brio's Smart Outlet will alert you if there's smoke or Co2, so can breathe easy. (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Look out for the LG Twin Wash System, which lets you outfit a new or compatible LG washing system with a mini washer below the full-sized one. That means you'll save time and money when you're just flinging in a dress for tonight's event — or doing a load for your kid's beloved (and juice-covered) bunny.  

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